Change of plan

Well, a change of plan indeed. Just before I left for Scotland we got some pitch work to do. So that was front of the brain queue instead of the short. Dag nam it! But it’s ok because if we get it it’ll be a four monthish job, and we’ll be able to still work on other stuff in tandem. The pitch deadline is the 15th, so again if we don’t get it it won’t take all our time.
In other news, I watched Jerry Sadowitz (I’m guessing the spelling) and I can’t actually remember the magic. My brain was completely in shock at the level of bile being spewed.
There we go, it was strange paying £16 to watch an actual crime.
It was in a giant upside-down cow too, which has been a bit of a feature of the Edinburgh festival over the years.
Also, whilst I’m rambling, does anyone know why do many of the fine pubs in Edinburgh have those little slim tables bolted to the floor? The romantic in me would say it’s to stop people battling with them in the more jolly moments of drink related festivity.
The Blue Blazer on Bread Street is a good place to see them, as is The Bow on West Bow/Victoria Street. I’ll have to mention The Half Way on the interestingly named Fleshmarket Close, just off Cockburn. Smallest pub in one of the most dangerous places you could build a pub. Half way up a steep set of stone steps. In Scotland.



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