A first, animation.

So little blue car is mine, I no longer need to spend so much brain on it. I’m still not drinking, having replaced it with exercise. Temparerily (sp). It’s meant that I’m just a hair away from losing a stone in weight. A two and a half pound hair.
Anyway, the short film. I’ve been trying to picture the full length of the film in my head. Mulling over how little details in the subtext of the story will been seen. Composition wise in the shots I see it as switching between ones that are framing the empty dinning room/front room and holding that composition when our protagonist enters the room. The other framing will be using angles typical of the positioning on a dentist; so over shoulder looking down, plain looking down over head and maybe portrait but at the offset angle. All the shots will never show a faces detail above the nose. This is to hint at dentistry from the start of the narrative and also to try and represent recollection that is interested in what’s happening. Interest in the details of the actions and not the faces, social relationships that faces might imply I guess. To leave that chunk of text loose.
I’d also like the female characters presence and state of presence to be indicated by a vase on the table where everything happens.
I realise this won’t make complete sense now – but it will.
I think that’s it for now.

p.s. My bike is all better now. God bless little blue bike. Yes, it’s blue like little blue car.

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