Well. The last month has been incredibly quiet, to say the least. Notable points would be that the Holbrooks website is being revamped so that it’s nice and presentable for the premiere of the sheep short at F5. I think we’re also going to put a nice, high quality version of t.o.m. on there too as an online premiere typed affair. Being quiet work wise has meant that I’ve been out on my bike a lot, which was good until I read I could be doing my winky some horrific disservice. So I got a new seat that cares for it. That’s how quiet these last few months have been. I’m writting about bike seats and winkle.
Actually I’ve also been looking about to try and get some illustration representation. So if anyone us looking at this, and they do that, then take a look at the pencil lines section of the site! Simple.
I’ve also been playing with qrcodes too.
Well, let’s hope all this finacial stuttering ends soon.
I should really gather all the teeth stuff together to story board it, it’s all everywhere at the moment. Terrible.


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