Holbooks site

Well the new site is complete! Well, when I say complete I mean it’s not really. It’s almost complete. It has skeleton that is there and online, sans the meat. The meat’ll be added as soon as we know how to. We’ll know how to on Tuesday because it’s a bank holiday weekend for baby on the cross day. But it will all be done just in time for F5 RE:PLAY! That’s where the long awaited premiere of the sheep short is happening. So hopefully we’ll get plenty of hits and interest. You can see the teaser trailer for the shorts commissioned for the event here.
Co’director Tom Brown and our dearest friend David Surman are going to be accompanying the film to NYC so you should keep an eye out for them. I’ll include a photo of them both at the end of this incase, by some astronomical odds, someone is reading this and is going to F5. If that’s you feel free to stalk them. You have my permission. Seriously you do.
Whilst we’re talking about F5 I have to thank Eliot at 48v for he is going to be helping out with the super short notice DVD reproduction!
So yeah, hopefully it’ll become less quiet when F5 gets underway. It’s not been a good week for cycling either, just wind and rain. To be honest I can live with the rain. It’s not cold rain. The wind on the other hand is a pain.
So sunshine or less quiet please!
Yours sincerely,
Daniel Gray.
Aged 31 and 1/3.

P.S. Here’s a photo of Tom and Dave. They should be leaning against walls looking all broody. 😀


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