Yakkidy shmackidy blah blah blah

It’s a Saturday morning. Early Saturday morning. By all accounts I should be asleep. I’m not uncomfortable, I’m on the floor but not uncomfortable. There is a layer of cushions between me and the uncomfortable on the floor. They’re soft, I have a warm duvet. Clean sheets. It’s dark. I can hear the road outside but only just enough so that it sounds like a retarded tide lapping on a flag stone shore. I should be asleep. But instead I’ve let my mind wander, and when I let my mind wander I end up daudling in my thoughts all night. What a load of bollocks.
Time to get up.
Anyway! What I’m meant to be saying is… Congratulations to a friend of mine from foundation days, he got married yesterday and had a big party in a converted church with a skiffle band and a tap dancer. It was fun! Here’s the first dance.


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