t.o.m. officialy online

Yep, the holbrooks’ site now has content. It’s not quite all done yet, some images need replacing with hifi eye friendly images. Some nips and tucks need nipping and tucking. But it’s definitly a functioning website now. Excitingly it also features a copy of our short film ‘t.o.m.’ as well as lots of other examples of our work. Woop woop! We also have a bit of pitch work so I’ve been writting stuff out at speed. We have a really nice idea I think but I’m not sure how to implement it in animation. It’s a nice idea though, makes me smile a little.
Right now I believe Tom and Dave should be going to F5. There’s a photo of them a few posts back remember, so be sure you memorise it for stalking fun. I’m hoping the sheep short, which is actually called ‘Bren Hystlen’, is recieved well there. So yeah, come have a look around here for t.o.m.


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