A sign

Hurray! We have a pitch! Which is of course excellent, but a little frustrating because the ‘team’ is divided by vast distances and limited technology. This makes creative conversation a little slow and unsparkly. Sparkle tends to last as long as the warmth from an exhaled breath in the coldest of school mornings. Sparkle doesn’t lend itself to long distant travel. But saying that we had a conference call with each other which came up with some cool stuff. Tomorrow holbrooks will be reunited, then a dense period of work. Then we’re done.
The holbrooks’ site is still there, nothing has gone wrong yet, I swoped in some nicer images for the lo-res ones that were there so it’s a little nicer on the eyes now.
Uuum, what else… Oh, Bren Hystlen still isn’t up on the motionographer site, so isn’t up on our site concequently. It can’t be long now can it? It’s all uploaded and primed on vimeo, I just need a sign.
Another plus is it’s been sunny for ages so lots of peddling has been done. Although my bike chain keeps slipping now when I’m going up hill. Why does that happen now? Google will tell me. Google or Dan Cresswell.
Here’s a doodle of someone waiting…

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