Sunday, Sunday, here again, in tidy attire.

This week has been a sunny week, it wasn’t meant to be but it has. We’ve actually been having a few pitches come in recently but they’ve been slow ones. Animation isn’t just about patience in craft but also patience in career. Do I mean patience at all? I guess patience has a goal at the end, a trajectory of varying somewhere. The way things seem to be is that you are blindly moving along until goals are dropped into view. Illuminating a path like a dot-to-dot illustration. Illustrating a path that has no straight ahead or line of sight, no single vector. I think that because there is no rhythm to these points of focus it can make thing difficult, but not to discount the variety and unpredictability being a good thing.

Of course that is only comment on the commercial side of what we do. I really do love that side of things and especially the people we work with on that side of things. But of course that isn’t the only thing we do.

The short is still slowly forming. Really slowly at the moment, but it is still definitely there. It weighs down the flesh slightly just about the eyebrows.


Also, my relationship was five years old yesterday 🙂

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