Ian Gouldstone, flies, virus and birthdays.

Well, the longer the gap between these posts, the more that needs to go into them. Which of course results in longer to write it. Well, here we go. It’ll be a bit brief, too dense for musing.
Ian Gouldston came to Newport to take part in the University here’s Artist In Residence scheme. Or maybe it’s Animator In Residence. Well either way I spent a few weeks being as helpful as possible to him as a sounding board and animation assistant I guess. Was a good time and the work produced was really interesting. Developing an idea for a short-short film to put in the showreel and to test the animation pipe-line for the teeth short is now turning in to a potential collaboration with a musician we have worked with a few times. Dan Pugsley of Skindred fame is the musician in question, his name might be familiar as he did the music for our showreel and a little animated birthday card which I shall talk about in a minute. The stage we’re at is basically swopping visual and musical references and hopefully roughing together some sounds so I can start to storyboard it up. He’s off on tour soon so that’s all going to slow down annoyingly. I’m collecting it together as we go so I can put it into a pitch document for potential presentation for funding, forward thinking that is.
We’ve had few pitches of late. One failed one that we worked really hard on and looked really pretty. We did a little cute job with Iain Gillespie freelancing for us, that was for Blacklist. And, just in case you’re interested, I got rotovirus from my doctor sister. Great way to lose weight that is.
Animated birthday card! Well seeing as we have a horrific amount of free time as Holbrooks House at the moment, and there was an up-coming birthday of Blacklist’s premiere baby, we animated a super saccharin birthday card for her. This can be see here, http://vimeo.com/6727666
Here is a shot from the failed pitch:

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