Operation junker/pub bike

So, as I think I’ve mentioned before I’ve gotten myself a bike project. The reason for this is that I like to ride everywhere I go; walking is slow and monotonus and bumpy. My current bike is my best bike and it looks pretty and cost me proper money. The biproduct of best bike coming everywhere with me is that it gets left everywhere. Everywhere around here is full of chavs who want to steal my bike. They’re like flies around poop where ever best bike gets left. This makes me nervous and when I’m nervous I can’t have fun.
So I needed an alternetive to best bike for going to the pub and some late night commuting.
My plan then was to get an olde worlde bike-e and strip it down to it’s frame. Tart it up slightly because I like pretty and then ride that about the place.
I got my hands on an old 1980s Falcon Rapier and striped it down, serviced the head tube and stuff and have now got to the point where it’s primed and ready for some colour and some nice illustrated detailing. The final colours are going to be a baby blue frame with red bartape, chain and tires. Eventually a red seat too if I find the right one. I’ll attatch photos so you, whoever ‘you’ might or mightn’t be, can see the progress.


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