Busy pitching, busy falling.

Ballyheck! After a period of no work and no pitches we just had three pitches come in almost at once. So I’ve been busy drawing and storyboarding and going back and forth to the studio. I’ll put some images up from one of the pitches but the other two will have to wait because they’re on-going. I’ll also put up a photo of my arm from where I fell off my bike. Yes yes, I fell off the bike. Well, fell on the bike might be more accurate. Basically I was playing silly buggers by peddling so my rear wheel was spinning backwards on a slippery metal footbridge. Caught the handlebar in the rails and caught my arm. No harm done though.
The couple in the photo are my Old school chum and drinking buddy Dave Thomas, and his good lady Kitty Callister. God knows if I spelt that right. They’re moving from Brighton to Cardiff soon! Hurrah! There we go, ramble over.

P.S. Our good buddies Dave and Ian have a new website for their new startup in Australia http://www.pachinkopictures.com

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