More storyboarding and animation tests…

So I’m just completing the second draft of the film. I’m typing this so that would mean that I’m procrastinating. Which I kind of am, but I’m also not because I’ve been meaning to type this here for a good few days.

So yeah, storyboard is going good. I’m looking forward to it going into the computer so I don’t have to have paper everywhere.

We did a little animation test. It’s has the beginnings of something but definitely needs honing as the storyboard evolve. We should really do a style frame for it, or start one, to help that part of the process along.

We also have to think about casting. We need an older voice that can do a convincing lisp. Or David Mitchell or Paul Merton. Tom want’s some old wizard dude.


Here’s an octopus I did for my friends game ‘The 2D Adventures Of Rotating Octopus Character’… 


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