Holbrooks is no more. 

It was a hell of a journey. With it’s ups and it’s downs. With its swings. With its roundabouts. With it’s seeeeas and it’s saaaaaaws. With it’s dark clouds and it’s silver linings. Yes. Long story short; Tom left the band to be a big shot NYC big shot, and I decided against keeping Holbrooks going as a solo thing when I could very well be promoting my own fine name. We’re still best chums, it’s probably easier now that work awkwardness isn’t in the way in fact. 

Now this is just my story from here on in. 

This all happened painlessly last year. I think September? Since then I got myself represented by the beautiful folk at NOMINT. Did a music video (referenced somewhere in this blog) and a little TED-Ed project. Those are pretty good fun, lots of creative freedom. 

TVPaint has become my best friend. Slightly disfunctional, but they make the best friends; the dysfunctional. Is it a Y or an I… I’ll put up some of my experiments with it too at some point. I’ll put up something above it where my personal life is too. Oh! And the short film “HIDE”s progress. 

I’m sat in a car. Waiting. Enough waiting. Goodbye. 


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