The first draft is shitter

Something I like to remind myself about when I start a new project. That the first idea is always shitter than you expected it to be. Or perhaps shitter than you’d like it to be. 

When you finished that last project it was all working, looked great. It was the opposite of shit. It was delicious food for the eye looks. Yumma. 

So why is this one shitter?! It should be delicious!

Well it’s pretty easy to forget the bit that happened between the first draft of that last one, and the finale. That bit was fucking hard work. Writing and rewriting. Drawing and binning. Stress and fear. All forgotten in an instant of course; as soon as you’ve delivered it. 

I’m certainly better at this now. I basically put down my initial idea as quickly and with as many mistakes as possible. It’s just the starting point. Everything I put down is there to be changed. 

It’s definitely far easier to start with something a bit rubbish and improve it, than it is to try and start with the best idea ever. Refusing to move forward with anything unless it’s as good as the best thing you’ve ever seen in the digital watch section of an 80s era Argos catalogue, doesn’t get anything made.

Ramble-ramble.  I even have the slight suspicion that I might have written this post before. Who knows. 

It’s also getting dangerously close to me becoming a Popa… 



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